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Overview and Background

Our largest malting machines retain many of the features of our renowned Micromaltings, including the combined steep/germinator and separate kiln, to optimise the key elements of the malting process.

The 1,250kg batch range comprises self-contained units, which can be situated indoors or outside. Like our Pilot Plant, the system is scalable so you can expand output as business demand grows.

Larger-scale machines (standard batches of 5 and 10 tonnes) are currently being designed and will launch shortly.

Key features:

  • The larger batch size and scalability means this range is commercially viable for new malt producers.

  • Range of standard and optional accessories (including screens, grain conveyors, weighing and bagging machines, spare parts kits and large-size continuous flow deculmer).

  • Customisation of each machine is available to meet your specific requirements, including additional equipment and performance capabilities.

  • The plant layout is flexible and we welcome early input from our clients on how they would like to lay out the equipment. Should the client wish to change site location then the machines can be relocated with the minimum of work.

  • Flexible capacity enables you to run fewer machines if demand is not so high.


Want to find out how much barley you can malt per year?

CM1250 System

CM1250SG - Combined Steep and Germinator

Our CM1250SG self contained unit combines the steep and germination processes in one equipment. Exactly like the smaller units, the integrated user-friendly touchscreen control panel allows for easy recipe formulation, and monitoring of the steeping and germination processes as they go on. Program your wet steep and air rest cycles, turning, temperature and timing with our commercial plant 1250kg batch automated system.

Steep - unique features include:

  • Individual water tank on top of machine

  • Adjustable steep water temperature prior to filling

  • Computerised temperature control during air rests

  • Programmable aeration (and frequency of aeration) of the steep water

  • Each wet can be followed by an air rest where CO2 is removed from the grain

  • Humidified air is pushed up through the grain bed for more even moisture distribution

  • Design allows for complete immersion of grain during wet steep


Germinator – unique features include:

  • Computerised temperature control to ± 1° C of setpoint

  • Programmable temperature ramping between setpoints

  • Humidification for aerating the germinating grain

  • Automatic turning

  • Easy access and cleaning

CM1250K - Kiln

Our CM1250K self contained kilning unit offers a wide range of temperatures and controls, enabling you to produce an extensive variety of malts at consistently high quality. Exactly like the smaller units, the integrated user-friendly touchscreen control panel allows for easy recipe formulation, and monitoring of the kilning process as it goes on.

Unique features include:

  • Computerised temperature control 

  • Programmable temperature ramping between setpoints

  • Static malt bed for greater consistency

  • Air directed through the malt bed, rather than round it

  • Programmable fan-speed, allowing airflow to be varied during different recipe steps

  • Recirculation valves for changing mixtures of air from fresh to recirculated

  • Heat recovery from waste air to fresh air

  • Optional hot water heating system can be specified to allow use of alternative energy sources – though we recommend electricity for greater control

  • Ethernet capable

  • Fully automated control program includes: up to seven kiln steps with programmable temperature, recirculation damper position, fan speed.  Each step can be completed on time, temperature differential or humidity

  • Variable speed fan

  • Actuated, programmable, recirculation damper

  • Heat recovery via plate type heat exchanger

  • Below and above bed temperature monitoring

  • Above bed humidity monitoring

  • Easy access and cleaning

  • Simple loading and emptying using fork lift truck

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