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2018 Craft Malting Conference - Ashville, North Carolina

Our in – house malting expert Hugh Alexander attended the 2018 Craft Malting Conference in Ashville, North Carolina - and we are pleased to say it was a success. Hugh had a great time meeting other craft maltsters, farmers, brewers and distillers, and he also gave a presentation on malting trends and how the evolution of malting technology has gone hand in hand with both technological advances (such as the advent of electricity), and our ever increasing knowledge of barley biochemistry and how this impacts on both malt quality and barley performance within the plant.

In the spirit of the occasion Hugh made a special edition beer using 50 % British barley malt and 50 % American barley malt making it not only the first imported beer to be served at the conference, but also the first from a combined craft maltster / brewer. Whilst at the conference Hugh met up with Dave Thomas from Beersleuth and Hannah Turner from Montana State University, he also caught up with old friends Aaron Macleod from Hartwick College and Cassie Poirier from Briess Malt.


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