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Brewer's System - CM50kg on its way to Australia!

Exciting news: our first 50 kg malting new system is on the way to Australia!

In response to customer demand, we have recently launched a new range of machines for batches up to 50kg – one step up from our 8kg per tank famous Micromaltings. On the spotlights we have the 50kg Kiln: with the same capabilities as all of our other malting systems, the 50kg Kiln is aimed as Brewers Kiln, which can enhance plain base malts into rich and flavorsome ones.

Benefits of the equipment include:

  • Touchscreen Control and User friendly Interface

  • Fully automated

  • Flexibility to produce speciality malts

  • Manageable size for transfers between systems

We are far more than equipment suppliers – it is very important to us that you can produce malt of the highest quality time after time. We therefore offer a complete package of support which includes not only technical assistance – on site and remotely – but also help in selecting and modifying different recipes for malting which will suit your environment and different grain types perfectly. We have been actively listening to our customers’ needs and are pleased to offer a lease option on all our malting equipment to spread the costs over monthly payments. There are multiple benefits of using a lease option over initial capital outlay and we have highlighted some of the benefits below:​

  • Maximise cash flow

  • Spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments, over 2,3,4,5 or in some cases even 7 years

  • Fixed payments for accurate budgeting and effective forecasting

  • Payments are 100% tax allowable

  • Off balance sheet debt

  • Low Capital expenditure

To find out more and further details, please contact us here or by email,


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