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Terroir Barley and Smoked Malt

Over the past decade or so there has been increasing interest in where our food and drink comes from. This has impacted on not only on how we shop, but also how we produce our food and drinks. Off the back of this revolution there has been the growing interest in heritage and terroir, especially, in brewing and distilling terms, barley terroir. The increased sustainability of buying local and the idea that, just like with wine grapes, where you grow barley has an impact on the final taste of the beer or whisky that it goes into is being explored by distillers in the UK and Ireland and is becoming an important facet of their spirit production.

Heritage and Terroir is also something that has always been close to our hearts, so we were excited to be asked by 2 different distillers to make smoked malt using their own barley and locally sourced peat and wood, helping them to not only add heritage but also to complete their whisky’s farm to story.


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